We caught up with the talent behind some of our best sellers like our best friend necklaces: Tiffany Battel and asked her a few questions so that our customers could get to know her a little better! 


1. In just one word, what emotion/feeling/thoughts do you hope your work will elicit from our/your customers?

2. Are there other handmade, domestic artists you look up to?
Yes! I love Toni Ellison's work! She can do some amazing things with polymer clay. She always pushes the envelope and created such realistic looking pieces! She's also a very kind person as well!

3. Describe a memorable response you had to your work?
When people ask me if I made this from a mold and my response is no that everything is completely hand molded. I think it's really neat to show people what I can make from my hands.

4. Tell us something about the path that brought you here, practicing your craft. 
In 2008, I got laid off from my job and had a new baby. I decided to pick up polymer clay which I used to use a young kid. I put my creations up for sale and within a few weeks they started selling! Sales started really picking up! I then decided that I could stay home with my newborn and make jewelry for a living. I've been doing this now for the past 7 years!

5. Is there another artist’s work or gift on AlwaysFits.com you covet?
I love all of the eclectic things that are on there. They definitely carry items that you can't get in big box stores and support handmade artists! It's really a great company! The Golden Girls stuff I thought was pretty unique and funny!

6. Do you listen to music while you create your work? If so, what’s one of your inspiration jams?
I don't usually listen to any music but I do watch Netflix at my desk while I craft!