Always Fits has you covered for empowering gifts! Here are some of our favorites:

 Bold Italic Zipper Pouch

Be Bold Zipper Pouch


Dare to be bold and proud of it (because regular is overrated) with this zipper pouch. Great for any girl, and especially those who appreciate the importance of typographical emphasis.



You Go Girl Mug

Accomplished Female Artists Mug


Start every morning off with a bit of feminist style. You are literally holding the most amazing women right in your hands! Cheers to the powerful women that have shaped the feminist movement.  




 Think Outside My Box Pin

 Think Outside My Box Enamel Pin


Need more flare? How about feminist flare! Perfect to pair with a jersey tee or even the Be Bold Zipper Pouch ;)




Being a Girl Socks

Being A Girl Women's Ankle Socks


You love what?? Being a girl, obviously!! Cozy up with these adorable ankle socks while binge watching Orange is the New Black.




The Future is Female Trinket Tray

The Future Is Female Trinket Tray


Just a little reminder that everyday we can make a step towards changing the future for women. 




Fierce and Fabulous Mug

Fierce and Fabulous Mug

Get your hands on one of these coffee mugs and spread the love for women! This mug’s lovely flower design is gorgeous and stunning, only adding to the awesomeness of the message it displays. Perfect for holding coffee just as fierce (and fabulous!) as its owner.




Nasty Woman Mug

Nasty Woman Mug

Sip your tea in tasteful fashion with this mug, while celebrating girl power. The salmon and gold-polished look really make this mug stand out above others, just like you!




 Girl Power Socks

Mother Fucking Girl Power Women's Crew Socks


Girl power to the nines! Pair these pastel socks with a comfy sneaker to show off your feminist style. 




 Bitches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt

Bitches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt

Why use a normal oven mitt when you could have one that screams girl power? Enjoy this witty kitchen accessory as you get stuff done on the daily.




I Run My Own  World Trinket Dish

I Run My Own World Trinket Dish


Yet another reason to be an amazing boss lady: you run the world, girl! Let this trinket dish remind you that everyday is your oyster, and every night is your stage, so go out and make things happen!